Intimacy Lab + Deepening Connection to Self and Others – Touch aka Greg Hill

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Practioner and Service Details

Touch (a.k.a. Greg) created and runs workshops on evolving our relationship with Intimacy, provides private body awareness and intimacy coaching sessions in Boulder and abroad. Touch studied a wide range of bodywork modalities in past decades and recently studied sexological coaching and workshops in the Human Awareness Institute (HAI). You may not be able to tell, but he is significantly visually impaired which results in both his name and his beautiful skills with his hands. His 30+ years of practicing yoga and other movement practices has honed his awareness of body, giving deep insight to help you with your body.

Arise workshops:
Intimacy Lab – Deepening Connection to Self and Others

Taking the time to heal our hearts, engaging with people to upgrade and evolve our relationship with ourselves and thus the entire community , and sensing the deeper need for connection and intimacy. Seeking to end loneliness. In this short intro to the deeply healing possibilities, we’ll playfully connect and feel one another through attuning to others, learning to express fully, and deep sharing. Come for the deep yumminess or glimpse the possibilities for evolution. Friday and Saturday events help to make connections, Sunday’s workshop we dive deeper into the connection and healing evolution (For a different experience, come to Fri/Sat and Sun).

Bodywork Trade

Bring the friend you just met or bring a longtime partner, or come solo to be guided sharing bodywork, Nourishing the body. This is an opportunity to relax and receive and give yummy and safe touch. You will be gently guided to communicate with each other on giving and receiving touch. Come dressed in comfortable clothing which will remain on. Come with an open and loving heart .