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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

From the traces of the 2016 release of “Impact,” “HYPERDOSE” has deployed a remarkable sequel entitled, “DISASTER,” released January 18, 2018 and recorded again @ Crosstrax Studios in Memphis, TN with Grammy Nominated Producer Justin Rimer (12 stones, Saving Abel, Wayland, Full-Devil Jacket). “Disaster” spawns an animated narrative engaging the listener to the deepest levels of hostility, battle & response. The outset song, “Disaster (Roll with the Punches)” vividly describes our world of defeat and digression, but only to inspire to “Roll with the Punches.” The forefront delivers heated and strong spirited vocals interwoven with shambolic and layered guitar riffs on a pillar of pillaging drums and spine-rattling bass. Each track explores its own panoramic view of emotional encounter. “Undeniable” hits as a dynamic ballad sure to pierce the hearts and minds of music lovers. Other titles include “Phantom,” “See the Light,” and “Vile,” all of which have great hard rock experimentation and fallback on the meaning of “HYPERDOSE.” The Debut single entitled, “Take Control” was released April 2015 and features guest vocals from Gabe Aranda of the Modern Act Aranda. Hyperdose is: Ben Rivera (Lincoln, NE): Vocals, Blake Mattea (OKC, OK): Guitars, Justin Mattea (OKC, OK): Bass, Clint Kirby (Dallas, TX): Drums

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