Hiroki Okano

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HIROKI OKANO<Musician, Sound artist>

Hiroki Okano debuted in the world in 1990 from German record company IC DIGIT. 
His ambient music expressed in his Japanese sensibility has also been widely introduced in European and American media.
Solo, group albums released so far have over 30 works. 
Many appeared also at outdoor festivals both in Japan and abroad. 

As a life work, he has performed performances at sacred places in the world, natural heritage sites, famous shrines and temples all over the country for many years.
Other activities include sound art production, offering music to movies and television programs, music supervision for various events, and a wide range of activities.
Recent activities include “RIMPA Festival” (2015 / Kyoto National Museum) music director and performance. The 41st “Nursery Festival” (2017 / Kagawa) music director and performances of the main attractions such as the crown prince of Japan attended. Music director of film “PEACE NIPPON” (2018) expressed about Japanese spirituality.
Kagawa Prefecture Culture and Art Award Winner.