Hermetic Philosopy in the Now Age

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Hermetic Philosophy in the Now Age

As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without. The goal is to understand the nature and constructs of the subtle energies which make up all things. By seeing and understanding these patterns in the manifest world we may then identify these forces, geometries, and aspects within our psyche. This gives one the power to illuminate and make conscious the sub- and super-conscious constructs within. This introspection allows our self-consciousness to be cleansed and connected in harmony with the micro and macro aspects of reality and the world at large. The ancient knowledge of the Hermetic Philosophy is at the foundation of western mysticism and understanding. This wisdom can help us reconnect to the source of our awareness and power, while harmonizing us with the underlying laws of nature, consciousness and reality.

Jesse Shi Chesnutt is a modern mystic, philosopher, and musician who has spent his life exploring many fields of study: unified physics, transpersonal psychology, sacred geometry and various occult studies. Jesse crystallizes complex information down to its simplest essence making the mystical pursuit more tangible, understandable, and relatable.


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