Healing the History/Ancestral Healing – Phil Little Thunder & Paul Soderman

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Class Details:
Community Circle

This group of presenters offer a glimpse into the continuing experience of true ancestral healing between descendants of Native American massacre survivors and US Army generals who perpetrated acts of genocide.
Phil Little Thunder (Sicangu Rosebud) is a descendant of Chief Little Thunder
Paul Soderman is a descendant of General Harney who commanded the massacre at Blue Water, NE. of Little Thunders village. (1855)

For four years Phil and Paul conducted prayer walks together and lobbied the US Department of interior for the Harney name to be taken off the highest mountain of the Black Hills in South Dakota It has been renamed Black Elk Peak as of 2015. Paul was eventually ceremonially adopted into the Little Thunder family.
Recently they were contacted by Brad Upton , a local jazz musician who is the descendant of General Forsyth who was the commanding officer at the infamous Wounded Knee massacre. Brad has followed in Phil and Paul’s footsteps to affect ancestral healing in his own family. Carla Respects Nothing is a Lakota woman of strong ancestral connection to Wounded Knee and will offer her perspective of ancestral healing and how it affects today’s native communities.
We will also invite Chloe Smith Leah Song and Biko Casini of Rising Appalachia to offer brief reflection of their experiences on the 2018 ancestral healing walk from grandpa Little Thunders grave in Rosebud South Dakota to Fort Laramie Wyoming.