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Nashville, Tennessee

We are Guidestones, a Montreal band rooted in good vibes, positivity and a common love for music that truly has something to say. Founded by twin brothers Ryan Boudreau (vocals/guitarist), Zander Boudreau (drums/bgv), along with the beautiful Gabrielle La Rue (vocals/guitar) in 2015, the band welcomed it newest addition Dizzy velvet (bass/bgv) in late 2018.

Characterizing their sound as a fresh mix of alternative/indie rock and pop, Guidestones pay tribute to the 70’s and 80’s while examining the present-day. Released in April 2016, their debut EP “Cut & Run” provided listeners with the first cohesive collection of the band’s work. With recent singles Ground Control and So Sick, Guidestones’ tracks possess radio-friendly appeal, while providing profound opportunities for introspection. As their name implies, Guidestones are dedicated to helping fans navigate a wildly terrifying, Yet undeniably beautiful world.

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