Guided “SUNRISE” Painting – Luscious Lisa

Admin 2019 Wisdom Village

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Class Details:

Join Luscious Lisa for an hour of creative exploration using color, shape, image, and word in a guided painting process called “SUNRISE” to access insight about the nature of personal sustainability.
We will gather in a sacred rainbow thread circle, set intentions, practice embodied awareness and paint a sunrise image integrating structure and flow while listening to the inquiry,
“What nourishes my center, what ARISES organically from this center, and how might I source and generate action more efficiently?”.
All are welcome. Recommended for participants mature enough to follow through with an hour long contemplative art class. No art experience necessary. No late entry please, the circle will begin at 5 after.


Lisa Goedert is a seasoned pioneer in the fields of natural living, sustainable community, and creative nourishment. With degrees from Naropa University, Seven Bowls School of Nourishment and Healing, and The Path of the Ceremonial Arts, she devotes her life to exploring, practicing, and teaching a multifaceted approach to inspired conscious living. As an Intentional Creativity teacher in training, she allows her muse to guide her life in wonder, awe, and curiosity. Sharing the path of beauty from birth to death, honoring all transitions with her Beloveds is her greatest source of inspiration, joy, and aliveness.