Grief Ritual – Beth Erlander (aka the Grief Freak)

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Grief Ritual by Beth Erlander aka the Grief Freak. Why Grief Ritual at Arise?!? To clean out the pipes so you can feel more life and joy at the festival. This is the Grief Freak’s 2nd time doing Grief Ritual at Arise. This year she intends to focus a large part of the ritual to grieving for the Earth and what we are doing to it. She will also be co-creating a Grief Art Installation as a way to tend to and honor your grief in a visceral physical way. All forms of grief are welcomed; come learn about how grief is much more than death loss.

Beth is a Body-Centered Arts Psychotherapist and Certified Creative Grief Support Practitioner. Her main passion is to help others grieve in order to allow more flow of love and joy-the opposite of grief. Her work is informed by 20 years of psychotherapy experience but most importantly her own experience of being thrown into the bowels of grief when her life partner fell off his mountain bike, broke his neck and became quadriplegic. Her grief coaching practice is deeply informed by this apprenticeship to grief. Beth lives with grief everyday and is keenly aware of her need to “clean out the pipes” of grief in order to live more authentically. Her grief rituals and coaching practice is informed by her grief mentor and dear friend Sobonfu Some whose main purpose in life was to teach Westerners how to grieve. Along with her grief coaching, she is dedicated to finding ‘out of the box’ ways to help grief move such as offering walking grief pilgrimages on the El Camino de Santiago in France and Spain. She is also deeply influenced by her connection to the natural world and the innate wisdom of her own body and movement and embodiment practices.