Gia Yee

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Gia Yee’s Biography

Reggae music artist Gia Yee is on a mission to promote her new love, which is her brand of soulful reggae music.

The female singer-songwriter, whose father hails from Jamaica, ultimately found her voice through writing and singing her own songs. “I love the whole reggae vibe – everything about it – it’s so spiritual”, explains Gia Yee, whose belief that it’s never too late to find your voice, speak your truth, and follow your heart, lead to her latest pursuit. Writing from a personal perspective and singing from her heart, she aims to connect globally, hoping to reach the hearts of others in a meaningful way.

The 2017 release of her self-titled EP- GIA YEE, established her career as a solo artist, and by the start of 2018, Gia was back in the studios of Jamaica, recording REGGAE PRESCRIPTION, her first full-length album. “It was a huge milestone for me” Gia admits, “as I had so much that I wanted to say.” Staying true to reggae and within her smooth reggae fusion style, Gia chose the title REGGAE PRESCRIPTION for her new LP. The new album tracks incorporate Gia’s messages of awareness, societal issues, universal truths, hope and love.

Reflective of her journey, Gia describes her album REGGAE PRESCRIPTION as a cultural roots reggae fusion mix – with some ska beats and dancehall drum lines, and hints of classic funk and vinyl, R&B and electronic dance music. The new songs include roots reggae conscious-raising tracks “GASLIT”, “BOTH FEET”, “ERASED”, and “ANYTHING”; two renditions of a Ska influenced song called “NOTE TO SELF”; an upbeat funk infused cultural blending song called “YO RASTA”; a Dancehall and EDM influenced tune entitled “MY AVATAR”; a smooth lovers rock track called “ISLAND NIGHTS”; and the ballad of “RASTA JACK”, which was intentioned to illustrate what true love is like in its most simplistic form.

Excited about her new album, and career as a new female reggae artist, Gia Yee expresses her heartfelt gratitude to the many renowned Jamaican musicians and vocalists/harmonists, who provided their talents for her production, giving a special thanks and mention to her co producers and engineer; Kirk Gayle, Wayne Holness, and Barry O’Hare, whose efforts and expertise helped to facilitate the LP production and bring her latest music project to life.

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