GAIAM Organic Green Tea

Admin 2016 Festival Sponsors

“GAIAM is extending the wellness mission beyond the yoga mat. Our organic electrolyte green teas provide delicious hydration for your mind, body and soul.


You’ve never tasted organic green tea like this.

It’s smooth, well-balanced and refreshing in a way that’s only possible by using filtered spring water and the highest quality ingredients. Organic sweetness and vibrant flavor, together at last.

Great tea starts with great water.

The water in our naturally-caffeinated organic green tea is sourced from an artesian spring and delivers naturally-occurring electrolytes and minerals to fuel your body – from the conference room to the yoga studio.

Plastic bottles and our planet don’t go well together.

We’re committed to environmental mindfulness and reducing plastic. That’s why we took a different approach and put our high quality, organic green tea in a 100% recyclable made with renewable materials. This state-of-the-art Tetra Pak carton protects our products and mother earth.”


So proud to call you family, GAIAM!