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Los Angeles, California

Just when you think the World is pure evil you meet a kid I mean 27-year-old Furbzz. This DJ/Producer truly has a heart of gold and he truly only works so hard at his craft to give his family and Mom everything.

Furbzz would have never become a producer if it wasn’t for his Band Teacher back in sixth grade as he recalls “ During Sixth Grade after care I started playing the drums and the band teacher said I had rhythm. The teacher told me I can play drums in the Jazz Band if I played in the concert band. That is when it all began.”

See teachers really make a difference.

So far, the biggest accomplishment for this DJ/Producer from Miami was back in 2012 when he remixed the Cedric Gervais track “Molly” and ended up winning a Spinnin Records remix contest. The best about the “Molly” is that Furbzz promotes a drug free lifestyle besides him getting drunk in England when he was 16. Guess booze isn’t for everyone. In a day of over excess especially in the EDM community Furbzz is a breath of fresh air and shows that hard work does pay off.

After the Spinnin Records win, the momentum hasn’t stopped for Furbzz. In 2015 his song and himself were featured in Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” Miami Episode. “RIP Bourdain and know that you are showing God some of the best food he has ever eaten.” – Furbzz

Furbzz never seems to slow down and has been producing alongside some of the biggest names in the game such as DJ Ruckus, Naz Tokio, Delaney Jane, Jean Carlos Canela, Justin Quiles, Ashlee Simpson, Evan Ross, Dallas Austin, Zankyou and Lexy Panterra.

Next for Furbzz is his forthcoming Ep that will be dropping in early 2019. This EP is going to be giving a new spin to whatever genre you want to call it. Laid back vibes with a lot of big banging featured artist’s.

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