Evanoff is the musical experience created by Jake Hall, JJ Evanoff and Karl Summers from Denver, Colorado. The high-energy trio blends together a tasteful mix of classic rock and contemporary dance music, to create a genre they call “Dream Rock”. Evanoff has been fine tuning their distinct rock influenced sound and soulfully incorporating it within the ever-growing EDM and Rock scenes, in the hope to bring classic rock music back into the spotlight, as it should be…

Whilst the act originally started as JJ Evanoff’s solo project, it didn’t take long before it blossomed into a live ensemble incorporating Summers on Bass, and Hall on drums. Jake and JJ met at the CU Denver Music Program while Summer joined the two in late 2016.
JJ’s guitar melodies act as the vocalist for the group, and guide the listener on an emotional and spiritual journey while mixing with Hall’s groovy rhythms that encapsulate a true rock experience accompanied by Summer’s incredible bass lines.