Eldorado Natural Spring Water

Eldorado Artesian Springs, Inc. was founded in 1983 when the company became the owner of 28 acres of land, the artesian springs, eleven wells, water rights, a bottling plan, a warehouse, the resort pool and numerous other homes and buildings in Eldorado Springs, CO. Natural bottled waters like Eldorado are very special and have a more natural and regional flavor. Contact with geological formations imparts a unique mineral composition to the water.

It is Eldorado’s unique source, an aquifer that passes underneath Eldorado Springs and rises under immense artesian pressure forcing the water through a layer of sandstone up to the surface that creates a natural filtering system and gives Eldorado its unique taste and quality. They’re very excited to be the first U.S. bottled water company to introduce 100% recycled plastic bottles, putting them right in line with the ideals here at ARISE Music Festival!