Dustin Hill

Admin 2019 Rock The Fest

Los Angeles, California

Humble is not a word that normally describes the hip-hop community these days. In the days of face tats, Xanax, lean, jewelry and fast cars, Dustin Hill is a breath of fresh air. The 18 year old from Delrey Beach, Fl and now permanently residing in Los Angeles, came from humble beginnings and has made it where he is by staying dedicated and passionate and you got it, humble.

At 6 Dustin was introduced to drums by his dad and turned to heavy metal to learn amongst the masters of kick and snare and is an accomplished jazz drummer who played in his high school jazz band. However, that all changed in his own words when “Dad bought me the Marshall Mathers LP and he heard rap music for the first time. “I knew every lyric on that whole album by heart, let’s just say ma was not impressed haha’. I would sing it constantly. From that point on I couldn’t get rapping out of my mind and then 50 Cent and D12, or anything that was recommended on my YouTube feed and then Mac Miller came along.” Eminem is a hero of his but the man who truly shaped his music is Felly, his favorite artist and the genius always giving off the message, Russ.

Dustin has seen many accomplishments already at only the age of 18. From gracing the stage with some of the biggest names in the business including XXXTENACION, Ski Mask the Slump God and wifisfuneral, to hitting a million + streams on Spotify for the track “Why” where he collabs with heavy hitter Rowlan.

Dustin Hill is on a tear dropping music fearlessly and wants everyone to know “Don’t f###ng give up. Never be content. Throw enough shit against the wall and something will stick”



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