DJ Shango

Admin 2019 Rock The Fest

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bringing indigenous and world sounds that uplift, enlighten and open the chakras is my specialty as DJ SHANGO. When experiencing my vision coming to life through the motion and raw power on the dance floor, art and music collide, healing the audience of their traumas by using movement, chanting, mantras, crystal vibrations, live drummers, and tribal body art. DJ SHANGO’s ancient futuristic form creates a constant flow of physical and ethereal release within the audience. This purposefully increases the power and influence of the healing energy directed toward the crowd at each event, creating a massive healing movement, from the Philadelphia metropolitan area and now spreading to an area near you.

When considering the DJ SHANGO expansion, ARISE Fest came to mind as the perfect place to establish Afro-Caribbean/house music. For the last four years, I have had two monthly gigs in Philadelphia called High Life in the heart of Center City at Club Mousai, as well as, Divination Lodge in West Philadelphia at Dahlak Paradise. I’ve also partnered with the Meso Creso and Ecstatic Dance communities, as well as, Catharsis on the Mall: A Vigil for Healing on the Washington Monument lawn with the Burning Man Community. This summer, I’ve been on tour spreading DJ SHANGO’s vibration across various festivals including, but not limited to, Gratitude, Doah, PEX and Lovelight Yoga & Arts Festival. Spirit is leading me to bring this high energy to ARISE, including The Organic Mindz (The OM Tribe consist of dancers, live art, crystal healers, body painters & various percussionists for healing on multiple levels, at no extra cost), to uplift & heal the audience through high vibration sounds, art, and tribe that DJ SHANGO provides.

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