DJ Samantha Michelle

Admin 2019 Rock The Fest

New York City, New York

DJ Samantha Michelle, is a Toronto-born, NYC-based DJ specializing in 60s and 70s soul, rhythm and blues, funk and rock and roll. Previous festival highlights include: Glastonbury, The Secret Garden Party, Red Rooster. Samantha’s committed to blending lost treasures and familiar, loved classics, providing the very best of vibes, good times, and spreading the love.
Press Quotes
“Award-winning actor and globetrotting DJ Samantha Michelle…”
– The Toronto Sun

“DJ Samantha Michelle knows where you need to go out in London…The DJ is also a director and actress, so her days and nights are usually filled with activities and work. Samantha craves creativity…”
– Galore Magazine

“Bringing with her a deep passion to share good vibes and great times, the successful creator is a force to be reckoned with.”
– Chilled Magazine

“…Her hugely popular and spirited DJ sets that can only be described as distinctly vintage, upbeat and classical, as she fuses familiar tunes with rare records…”
– Naluda Magazine

“The multi-talented woman is known for her acting, DJ skills and film making, all of which she excels at… to me, she is more of a role model and friend I would love to have and someone I hope my goddaughter, nieces and future daughters aspire to be.”
– TV Grapevine

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