Presence and Belonging + Explorers of Infinity – DJ Drez & Marti Nikko

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Class Details:
Friday’s Class – Presence and Belonging
You belong here and your presence is needed. Less worrying about the little things and commit to the magic and beauty of this life. Through asana and breath lets begin to let go of our need for perfection and accept what life has to offer with less resistance. Allow the inner journey of devotional exploration along with our powerful emotions help us find our way back to the path of ease and well being . Recalibrate and remember our connection to the greater fabric of this life. Sending out more compassion, love and kindness to each other along the way. You are not alone! This workshop will include asana, discussion and some beautiful dope music.

Saturday’s Class – Explorers of Infinity
Set yourself free. Moving into grace with intention and celebration. Let’s bring our spirits together and expand our borders with our voice and heart creating connections that will serve through infinity. Enjoy community as we practice in devotion with each other. Come exactly as you are. No experience necessary. This workshop will include asana, mantra, discussion and some beautiful dope music.


The daughter of a jazz pianist, Marti Nikko spent her childhood in nightclubs, absorbing the art and wisdom of many great musicians. Enthralled by what she heard, she began to sing and perform her own music, infusing her innate grasp of jazz and soul into a warm, natural voice.

Marti met DJ Drez shortly after high school, when they began performing and recording together. Over nearly two decades, their collaboration has become an intimate musical language that effortlessly translates into and between many styles of music, including hip hop, reggae, kirtan, jazz and soul.

In addition to Marti’s talents as a singer, songwriter and performer, she teaches yoga and pilates around the world and in Los Angeles where she and Drez live and love their 14-year-old son and 1-year-old baby girl.

A truly gifted teacher, Marti is known for motivating her students through her own passion. Fully certified in Yoga and the Pilates Method, and having worked in the wellness industry for the past 14 years, she teaches from a deep understanding of movement dynamics and the body. Keeping students engaged using unique modifications and variations to the classic repertoire, her sessions encourage focus and concentration. She continually supports her desires to learn new methods and her ability to help one find strength and ease through practice. She takes master workshops each year and believes in the deep healing power of yoga for all. It is her desire to create space that allows for greater depth, awareness and overall wellbeing in one’s practice.