David Michael Starbear – Wisdom Village and Water Temple Ambassador

Admin 2018 Wisdom Village

Workshop / Presentation
SONIC JOURNEY – Gong, Drum and Multi Instrumental
Wisdom Village-Community AIR Temple Saturday 5:30-7:00 PM
Join Starbear as he invites participants on a journey through infinite spaces between the worlds of earth and sky, past and future, known and unknown. Through a lifetime of deep sonic study and global travel he offers a path of personal transformation and dimensional facilitation thru multi-instrumental mastery merged with the universal arts of geometry, astrology, and numbers with sound frequency. David has shared his sound and vibrational creations around the globe and in many personal transformation workshops and large festival settings, Including Arise, Dreamtime, Lightning in a Bottle, Wanderlust, YarmonyGrass, Mountain Fair, Tribal Vision, True Nature Sacred Fest, Burning Man, and McNichols Sunday Sanctuary.



Wisdom Village – Water Temple

Saturday and Sunday, 9:30-10:00 AM

Join the water temple keepers daily for a water restructuring & activation.  Bring your Water! Thru collective invocation of sacred sound, intention, crystal infusion & plant essence we will bless and charge water that will hydrate and charge us   May this action serve as a steady anchor for – Hydration!


David Starbear is a self-proclaimed “radical agent of transformation”. He supports initiating change thru co-developing conscious “change oriented communities” within company, under-serviced populations, and philanthropic cultures thru a vehicle of empowered personal development. David weaves his lifelong passions of culinary alchemy, music and entrepreneurial activism as mediums for initiating simple and universal syntactical connections. The result is a life commitment that seeks to sow seeds of peace into the vast potentials of our emerging sentient landscape.

David Starbear has committed over 30 years in the pursuit of ancient and modern music, rhythm and breath technologies to support the potential of sound and vibration as a new and emerging medicine. Traversing deep self-discovery thru ancient Tantric mantra and Breath work to esoteric eastern studies and lifetime involvement in Indigenous ceremony.
His newest Vibrational company endeavor – “ Quadrivium Resonance” Sound and Vibrational Temple Structures is intended to merge all of the potentials of conscious culture building, new thought empowerment consultation, and the integration of long-standing and budding sound technologies thru thought initiating dialog, story, self evaluation and sound sharing in many instrumental and digital realms. The Current Version of the “Quadrivium Water Temple Utilizes Decades of Sound Development with Sacred Geometry and Vortexing Water and Daily Water Ceremonies to Amplify the Potentials of personal and community transformation. This will be the Water Temples second offering at Arise’s Wisdom Village.

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