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Austin, Texas

Ben Serra (aka Datwhiteboi) started producing music in 2010, being influenced by the southern hip hop sounds of DJ Screw and old-school Dubstep music. From 2010-2013, Ben went under the pseudonym ‘Ariok’ from 2010-2013, DJing at many venues (notably Stereo Live & Iris Club), releasing over 5 EP’s and a hand full of remixes under Heavy Artillery, DLA Black, DOOM Music & Dirty Recordz. He lived in Denver at the time, traveling back and forth on I-25 from Denver to El Paso where his crew, Primal Filth Records, resided.

In 2013, Ben decided to end the Ariok project and focus on honing his production skills. He decided to enroll into the Berklee College of Music Music Production program to get a bachelor’s degree. Graduating in 2017 with a BAS in Music Production, Ben went to work in Austin for Adam Mcinnis, a top TV/Film producer for Position Music. From 2017-2018, Adam taught Ben everything about vocal mixing, melodic structures and learning top songwriting formulas. Adam relocated to Los Angeles in 2018 , while Ben stayed in Austin contemplating what his next move should be.

Eventually, Ben went on to start his next big project, ‘Datwhiteboi’. A key goal for the project was to use Datwhiteboi as a vessel to constantly explore fringe genres & bring them to the mainstream. Alongside releasing occasional EDM music, Ben has a distinct sound that combines the production styles of Lil Peep, Scott Storch, Diplo, DJ Screw & Shinigami tracks. These influences, combined with a traditional EDM song format, creates a soundscape that is both ethereal, emotional and energetic.

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