Crescent Dance Project

Admin 2019 Performance Art

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Class Details:
CDP will be offering the following dances during Arise 2019:
Opening Ceremony (Mars & Venus dancers)
Prayerformance with Yaima (Mary Vogel, Abby Moon, Paige Mason)
Tribal Fusion improv & Fire dancing during various sets (Abby Moon)
Wyrd Sisters during various sets (Abby Moon & Paige Mason)


Crescent Dance Project is an open community of dancers that offers a unique expression of tribal fusion dance, delving into the realms of prayerformance and sacred ritual dance. Directed by Abby Moon, women and men of all dance backgrounds come together to create works that explore astrology, sacred geometry, and deity archetypes in our dance formations and characterizations. We believe dance is a medium through which we can channel and express our connection to the divine and creative source. While in her crescent state, the moon is in a state of flux and growth. We adopt this symbol of change and transition to honor the growth potential in each dancer, both physically and spiritually as we create art & magic together through movement. Find out more here: