Conscious Music, Conscious Lives – BethyLoveLight

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Class Details:

The music we choose to listen to affects every cell of our being. The underlying vibrational intention of songs synthesize with the ever- potent power of the lyrics creating a radical recipe for either unity, harmony and healing or chaos, destruction and division. In this workshop we will explore the realities of the consequences of our musical choices and how these influence, not only, our own body, mind and spirit but also other humans and the entire musical universe.


BethyLoveLight is a Conscious Hip Hop musician who loves to rock out for the plants, the people and the entire planet. She raps and sings to help awaken and inspire the Avatars of Earth to keep striving for a healthy, sustainable and evaluative world. BethyLoveLight also offers a unique variety of Eco- Conscious Herbal Hip Hop with songs like CANnabis, Dandelion and Hemp Holy Hemp, as well as Power to the Flowers and The Wold Weed Song. Her work is original for she writes all her own lyrics and mixes all her own music. BethyLoveLight’s intent is simple: By listening to cosmical conscious music, we can harmonically unite and energetically amplify our collective body, mind and spirit for the good of all.