Admin 2019 Rock The Fest

New Orleans, Louisiana

Cobàs (Colby Boudreaux) is a producer based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. Aimed towards positive healing through cymatics, Cobàs is the product of cultivating life’s principle of creative self-expression & self-love. Having grown up in an environment of creative-self expression which involved crafting jewelry & also a family filled with talented musicians, Colby’s inspiration is derived from many artists: Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, R.A.T.M., Bassnectar, Nero & Mersiv (just to name a few). Colby’s focal point of awareness is drawn towards creating a sensational experience of ‘love’ for his supporters. Frequencies of light & love embody the joyous melodies & heavy bass lines as Cobàs intends to have his sounds hug every fiber of the listener’s experience. Cobàs was not created with the intent to be looked upon as a human being. Rather, representing the message that Conscious Oneness Brings Absolute Sight.

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