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In a feedback loop of adventure, music, and love, CloZee and her fans are ready to let
the force of the sound carry everyone to places they have never been before. Being
based simultaneously in Toulouse, France and on stages across the world makes this
electronic musician stand out. With inspirations far afield from music – a painting, the
weather, a dream – in her craft, Chloé Herry’s derivations are difficult to trace. Under the
broad structure of electronic and bass music, and informed by sound the world over,
Clozee finds her best fit in World Bass’ corner.
CloZee has performed on many continents: from Coachella to India, on four US Tours,
and everywhere around her native France. She is a standout on the roster of her labels,
Gravitas Recordings & Otodayo Records. Followers in many languages drive streams
counted in millions. But art’s ability to transport others is this talented producer’s special
magic – manifest whenever someone presses play.
In the way the clean curve of a Japanese roof is understated and exotic, CloZee pulls
her power from a bold simplicity. Her classical guitar roots allow her an informed,
melodic space that draws influence from flamenco to edIT of The Glitch Mob. This
melting pot of instrumentation and cinematic flair puts listeners in a mood to move, with
international crowds now cultivating the evolution of her genre. Chloé says she rarely
lays down only electronic sounds. Her favorite sources are organic and real.
To describe her life, CloZee grins and dramatizes her mind exploding. With traction
growing stateside, she is set to expand far beyond the transformational festivals and
tours where she grew the same roots that nourished Bassnectar, Beats Antique, and
Bonobo. CloZee is breaking through the canopy and into the sun. Come see her fly.