Admin 2019 Rock The Fest

Sydney, California

Citadel is an innovative, expansive artist here to make waves in what she sees as a new paradigm of music and healing. The singer/songwriter/healer writes songs that encourage introspection, healing, spark joy and activate a space within to let go and heal.

This multi-passionate artist intuitively weaves various healing modalities in with her goose-bump inducing performances including reiki, sound healing, breathwork, chanting, meditation, visualisation and intention.

“I want to change the way people experience a live concert and music all together. I feel like I’m here to inspire and provide hope and healing through my songs and the spaces I create.”

“I encourage the audience to sing along, meditate, dance or move, breathe. I want every person to leave feeling touched, reconnected, and better emotionally, physically, mentally then they did when they arrived.”

“I wrote hundreds of songs about heartbreak and love.. and then after my spiritual awakening my songwriting took a welcomed turn and I began telling stories about the human condition. Themes like.. caring compassionately for ourselves and the earth, the experience of living with chronic pain and how I moved through it, facing the intensity of our shadow self, the death of the ego, freeing the expression of our voice.. and that love and light is always just around the corner”.

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