Nic Pistachio

Admin 2019 Performance Art

Class Details: Inquire regarding: Aerial flight effects training Pyrotechnics safety Holograms Vertical dancing Biography: I am an internationally touring live stunts and special effects expert and teacher - but Arise festival and it’s humans are my home away from home <3  

Jill Katzenberger

Admin 2019 Performance Art

Biography: Jill Katzenberger enjoys flying, flipping, and frolicking in the air...also eating Swedish fish...but not always at the same time. She has been teaching fabric, rope, trapeze, and hoop through Aircat Aerial Arts for almost 10 years and now performs with the collectives Lunar Fire and Fractal Tribe. She has had also the opportunity to share the stage with inspiring ...

Jocelynn Rudig

Admin 2019 Performance Art

Biography: Jocelynn dances for the pure joy of performing and sharing her inner passions and emotions onstage. She has been performing Aerial Dance, Fire Dance, Modern Dance and Ballet for over 15 years, touring nationally and internationally to Central America, Mexico, France, India and Thailand. She currently lives in Boulder, Colorado where she is a performer and instructor for Frequent ...

Pneumatic Arts Flying Trapeze

Admin 2019 Music, 2019 Performance Art

Pneumatic Arts is a collective of artists out to revolutionize the world of flying trapeze by providing an inspirational, modern, and innovative source of storytelling and entertainment. The origin of our name comes from the Greek words “pnein” meaning breath and “pneuma” meaning wind. We feel this applies to our lives as well as to our art. As we fly ...