Pneumatic Arts Flying Trapeze

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Pneumatic Arts is a collective of artists out to revolutionize the world of flying trapeze by providing an inspirational, modern, and innovative source of storytelling and entertainment. The origin of our name comes from the Greek words “pnein” meaning breath and “pneuma” meaning wind. We feel this applies to our lives as well as to our art. As we fly ...

Sortof Vague

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Sortof Vague is the alias of Sam Whittingham, a DJ and producer currently based in Boulder, CO. His live sets have been well received by underground electronic music fans all across the country for their ability to weave musical styles, genres and moods into a cohesive dancefloor journey. Bringing psychedelic drum and bass to the masses. ☺︎

Jam key Jam

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“JAMkeyJAM” is a musical concept started by two young & talented musicians from Nepal (Nabin & Bijay) where the traditional music goes contemporary. An idea is to make fit the thousands of years old classical ragas and Nepali traditional & folk music in today’s world without killing its essence, delivering their own unique style. It is about perpetuating a tradition ...


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Born and raised in Colorado, Mihaly got his start writing songs on his fathers old guitar and family piano. His debut EP, Worth Living was released in 2011. He moved to salt lake city shorty after and garnered a following through captivating lyrics and an enigmatic stage presence. Pulling influence from Joe Pug, Gregory Alan Isakov and John Prine, Mihaly ...

More Than Physics

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More Than Physics has been performing live music for yoga classes since 2011. The set features a loose spacial atmosphere using handpans, gongs, tabla and bells. In addition to yoga, the duo also has a performance based set of original music. Combining complex rhythms and catchy melodies leads to composed, musical, percussion-based pieces. More Than Physics has played multiple sets ...


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Denver, Colorado   Collidoscope is a band formed on the perpetual desire to bring something new to the table. In a landscape of producers saturated with the perfunctory “Live Band”, the trio strives to take risks where others don’t. Whether it’s the rotating cast of guest musicians, the seamless blending of genres, or the healthy dose of improvisational jamming woven …

Pamela Symphony

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Lake Atitlán, Guatemala   Cellist and Composer from Berklee College of Music, Pamela Symphony shares her looping mantras and tribal music, also singing and using percussions that transmit her Mayan background from Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. Her songs are in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Japanese, and Kaqchikel (Maya language). Pamela Symphony has performed her cello-looping in Central America, Europe, Latina America and United States while also sharing …

Meander Cat

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Meander Cat is a band out of Moab, Utah that plays original music in every sense, offering heartfelt, beautiful, and soulful vibes. The trio features outlaw Lenore McDonough on vocals, songwriting and empathy, David Mealey on harmonica, bass guitar and wisdom, and Jasper Groff on guitar, vocals and debauchery. They are a group of angels and misfits that care in ...

Aaron Kamm and the One Drops

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Hailing from St. Louis, MO, Aaron Kamm and the One Drops merge flavors of Roots Reggae, Mississippi River Blues, Improv-laced Jams, and Soulful Vocals. With a High energy performance and a unique sound this band is a must see.

The Barefoot Violinist

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Malcolm Watson-The Barefoot Violinist “…Malcolm Watson is an active swirling, transcendental violinist who plays and dances barefoot, dressed sharply in a white tuxedo. His music moves him, moves his bow, and moves me tremendously. This is ecstatic music performed in ecstatic presence…” Greg Ozimek. Reviews & More. In 70’s Malcolm was signed by CBS- Europe.1974, starred in British TV movie ...