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Autonomix is a 4-piece high-energy psychedelic-dance band from space, featuring: Zack Smith (Vine Street Vibes), Danny Littler (Greener Grounds), Jeff Pfannensteil (Green Hit), and Josh Nermon (Pallasite Project / Coambient). Born out of a love for music and the communities that surround it, the group was an instant click from the moment they began playing music together. Their compositions and …

Buddha Bomb

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Buddha Bomb has devoted the greatest part of his life to elevating consciousness and using music as a transformational conduit to bring healing and joy to thousands. His sets are inspired, seamless and often mystical. A Sonic Shaman he provides the fuel for the dance journey, which can bring you to your deepest depth and your highest height. Whether spinning ...

Pixie and The Partygrass Boys

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A rowdy band of ski bums and hippies first brought together by a common love of snow, fun, and bluegrass in the shadows of Utah's Wasatch Mountains, Pixie and The Partygrass Boys have been spreading the gospel of whiskey and chickens since 2015. The infectious energy and enthusiasm of their live shows quickly garnered them a loyal following in the ...

Switchman Sleepin

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Based out of Fort Collins, CO and formed in 2012, Switchman Sleepin’ is one of northern Colorado’s mainstay Grateful Dead tribute acts, paying true homage to an amazing catalog of songs that came before them. In true Dead style, they aren’t fancy or flashy, but always get fans dancing and smiling wherever they play across the Rocky Mountain region. Born ...


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There is a movement underway. A sonic revolution that is tying the most ancient traditions to contemporary performance. Totemuzik aims to give rise to this fusion of world musics with the element of dance. Established in Summer 2015, Totem is the solo project of Boulder based producer, Phoenix Clay Michael. Phoenix has been playing eastern-style instrumentation for over a decade(tabla, ...

Stick Figure

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From the musical imagination of Scott Woodruff emerges a vibrant sonic soundscape, revealed in the newest Stick Figure release, Set in Stone. As with his previous releases, Set in Stone was written, produced and recorded by Woodruff, a self-taught musician. An intuitive and accomplished producer, Woodruff crafts authentic artistry from the foundation of roots-dub reggae. Cavernous grooves, sparkling electronic orchestration ...


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Hindsight Classic Rock is a rock band from Boulder, CO, playing the greatest classic rock songs of all time!

Elf Arrow

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Elf Arrow is the global electronic DJ project of Avery Runner. The master mind behind Colorado's emerging Star Active Records, Avery Runner began his DJ career in 1988. After nearly 3 decades of studio engineering, Avery is now hitting the world music scene with multiple sound projects including Pulse Drift, Meta Myth and Aum Lab. Featuring a tribal approach to ...

Katie Wise and Bhakti Explosion

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BAND BIO: Heart-centered yogis who love to rock ‘n’ roll have been flocking to Katie Wise & Bhakti Explosion’s live Kirtans on the West Coast, and at the biggest sacred music festivals in the US and internationally, such as Lovelight, Unify, Arise, Hanuman Festival, Bhakti Fest, Stonehenge Music Festival, and Holistic Manchester. Based in Boulder, Colorado, this bhakti-infused powerhouse band ...