Vin-Yin – Caitlin Rose Kenney

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Class Details:
Vin-Yin celebrates the benefits of both Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga in a practice that is both grounding and softening. Cultivate balance and well-being through dynamic asana and restorative yin postures.


Caitlin Rose teaches yoga to satisfy the whole being and speaks about the physical practice as an access point for widespread change in mental patterns, emotional states, and connection to spirit. She is known for holding space with a calm confidence that allows practitioners to move safely, feel their experience, revitalize and heal. Her gentle demeanor and articulate instructions aid students at any level to advance their ability for precision and graceful embodiment.

Caitlin Rose has been teaching since 2011 and has studied a variety of yoga styles which make her offerings rich and unique. Whether she is teaching an energetic flow or a restoring yin class, you can expect her sequencing to be both creative and grounded in smart anatomical progressions. Her classes are often woven with insights from Chinese Meridian Theory and spiritual inquiry.

Caitlin Rose is based in Boulder, CO and has also taught in Bali, Australia, and South Africa. She leads popular Yin + Essential Oils classes, Immersions, Teacher Trainings and Retreats. Caitlin Rose is the creator of Yoga Sesh Podcast which offers yoga classes for experienced yogis available to download for free on iTunes and SoundCloud. She is also a featured teacher on Yoga Download.