The duo has quickly established themselves as bonafide talents to watch in the music space, with their creative prowess earning them rightful recognition/achievements in the form of multiple ​Grammy nominations and wins. However, reaching this massive pinnacle has done nothing to stop the NY-based

pairing from wanting to create more. “Fever” features the pristine brass elements that their fans around the world have grown to adore them for, while also showcasing their deft touch in sound design. It’s a refreshing look at their wide range of capabilities in the studio and a worthy follow-up to their most recent chart-topping cover. For their current release the New York production duo explains they have had several inspirations. Conor states “lately I’ve been inspired by early 90s hip hop, so in terms of feel, I wanted to capture that driving buoyancy. We went back to our instrumental roots on this one – so, so happy we did.” Ivan, the yin to Conor’s yang states, “My inspiration came from hip hop producers that like to push boundaries, but are also great at keeping people moving. Dre, Dilla, Timbo come to mind immediately.” With a 2 part EP on the horizon and festival appearances every weekend throughout the
summer, these two “grammy award winning kids” are shaping up to have a huge 2017.