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Chicago, Illinois

Blaqrock is a reflection and representation of the African American and Chicago youth in today’s society. Their debut release, “No Love for Blaqkid” takes the perspective of the character “Blaqkid” and shows how being an African American today impacts one’s life and how to grow from it.

“I want to rap, but I want to have a bad behind me.”
This was the phrase that began the band.

Blaqrock combines hip hop/rap, hard rock, and jazz influences to create their unique sound. With thoughtful, introspective lyrics and hard-hitting catchy riffs, the songs and performances of Blaqrock are always memorable.

The band has headlined at several notable Chicago venues such as the Cubby Bear in Wrigleyville, Cobra Lounge, and the Elbo Room. They have also performed at the Metro, Subterranean, Emporium, HVAC Pub, and the Wire. Blaqrock has the ability to play alongside hip hop and rock groups while staying true to their own sound.

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