Beyond the Binary: The Future of Gender – Sam Bullington

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As a society, we are outgrowing binary gender and have become tired of being locked in the kind of polarization that binary thinking inevitably brings. Youth are defecting from the gender binary in droves because they intuitively understand that organizing gender in an oppositional binary limits everyone, regardless of where you fall on the gender spectrum. This workshop will explore the ways that what we’ve been taught by our society about how gender has created suffering for all of us. How can we better understand how we all are suffering in specific and different ways—women, men, and those who fall outside that framework, how can we heal and help each other heal, and how can we come together to learn new ways of being together that can help us grow into our highest potential individually and together? This workshop is led by a non-binary transgender person.

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BIO : Sam Bullington is a visionary writer, public speaker, college professor, spiritual teacher, shamanic counselor and healer, and founder and director of Phoenix, Colorado’s Transgender Community Choir. His passion is creating a world in which we can all thrive. He has 3 book projects in various stages of completion: Learning from Polyamory: What Polyamory Can Teach Us All about Love and Relationships; Transgender Wisdom: What I’ve Learned about Gender and Life from Living in the Grey Areas and What Trans People are Here to Teach All of Us; and The Pathologies of Whiteness: An Insider’s View of the Damaging Effects of White Middle Class Values and Why They Should Not Be Our National Standard.