The Barefoot Violinist

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Malcolm Watson-The Barefoot Violinist

“…Malcolm Watson is an active swirling, transcendental violinist who plays and dances barefoot, dressed sharply in a white tuxedo. His music moves him, moves his bow, and moves me tremendously. This is ecstatic music performed in ecstatic presence…” Greg Ozimek. Reviews & More.

In 70’s Malcolm was signed by CBS- Europe.1974, starred in British TV movie about his life entitled “Busker”. Early in the 90’s Malcolm created a unique violin guitar duo that performs all over the world. In 2001, he was featured in an educational TV series on Music and Math for Discovery Channel. He wrote and performed a presentation of music and speech for Dr Deepak Chopra on his “ Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.” Malcolm has five current CD releases: Tears of joy; Catharsis Infinity: Holographic projections; Christmas with Watson & Edge, and ApassionatA, an album with full band and orchestration.

Many have said that Malcolm does not play notes…he plays feelings. He has been dubbed a “Quantum Artist” and in his own words he states, “I drop into the quantum field and use my music, dramatic performance, spiritual knowledge and skills to help my audiences let go and release from pain and suffering, re-awaken their joyfulness, experience increased levels of consciousness and awaken their knowledge of self as pure spirit.”