Band Idiot

Admin 2019 Rock The Fest

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Marni Green and Jeremy Monteleone, formerly of Boondoggle combined with homegrown beat savant, Cassie Eacker to form American rock original, Band Idiot. Two of the members hail from the idyllic fishing community of Askackaboh, Alaska, a Utopian community, north west of the Alagnak National River Preserve. Beautiful vocals and intelligent lyrics coupled with snappy, pop-punk, Americana-infused rock and roll, Band Idiot’s sound is hauntingly familiar yet difficult to define. Focused on original material, Band Idiot’s songs are inspired by Marni’s experience over the past several years recovering from a series of unfortunate injuries. Songs abound about mortality, bad TV, cheapskates, and, of course, social alienation… but it’s not depressing; there’s enough good humor which, coupled with the booty shaking beats of the rhythm section, ensures that each set will have you moving, sweating, and smiling. Covers, like Tom Petty’s “You’re so bad” and The Violent Femme’s “Blister in the Sun,” underscore the band’s commitment to fun and inclusion, like the seasonal bonfires staged by Askackaboh’s citizens every fall. As live music veterans, Marni and Jeremy’s experienced show-person-ship ensures that crowds often leave exhausted but smiling that special grin which only comes from a new tune in an old heart.

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