Āyurveda – David Telfer McConaghay

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Class Details:
***Āyurveda for All Ages***

How does water dance? What does fire want? When the wind is whispering, what does it say?

In this playful, interactive, movement-based session, we’ll introduce the five great elements — the building blocks of life according to āyurveda — in a way that even the adults will understand! Children innately know so much about the natural world, and āyurveda provides systematic access to that living wisdom.

We’ll explore the elemental archetypes by playing in the animal realm — roaring and soaring, afloat and underground. Using imagination, sensation, sound, color and movement, we’ll play our way into deeper appreciation and understanding of ourselves and others.

***Astrology for All Ages***

How would Jupiter walk? Does the Moon sing alto or bass? What on Earth is Mercury always talking about?

In this playful, interactive session, we’ll explore the basics of astronomy and introduce the archetypal characters of our local solar system. Through imagination, sensation, sound, color and movement we will practice embodying the mythopoetic attributes of the planets.

The heavenly bodies live through our human bodies. To discover their cosmic wisdom alive within each individual can help us grow into ever greater compassion and appreciation for others and ourselves.


David Telfer McConaghay is a multidimensional human who lives in Denver, Colorado. He offers his presence and well-trained attention to the community as an āyurvedic doctor, vedic astrologer and doctor of divinity candidate. He serves on the board of directors of COLORAMA (the Colorado Āyurvedic Medical Association) and is working to bring Bill Plotkin’s eco-centric model of depth psychology & wilderness therapy to Front Range city-dwellers. When not working on his thesis project, entitled “Multi Dimensional Medicine,” David is an enthusiastic multi-sport athlete, home-body book-nerd and dance party connoisseur.