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Lviv, Ukraine, Alaska

Sincere, striking, yet sublime – Atmasfera share much more than music. They hybridize ethnic elements from the rich cultures of Ukraine and India within a modern indie music frame. Subtleness and introspection is beautifully merged with strength, vitality, and joy.

Atmasfera promote socially responsible music for wellness, higher consciousness, and peace, and won the prestigious American Round Glass Music Awards 2018 for ‘Enlightened Musician of the Year’. Living and sharing the bhakti yoga lifestyle, they are actively spreading harmony to communities all over the world.

Leading the band, the extraordinary twin sisters Yamuna and Kalindi inspire their audience around the world with heart-warming vocals and tunes from flute, keyboard, harmonium, and more. They are accompanied by Timur (drums, darbuka), Janardana (vocals, bass guitar), Dennis (acoustic guitar, dombra), and Sergiy (electric guitar).

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