Arise music festival cultivated a three-day magical wonderland – 303 Magazine

Admin Press Reviews 2016

There’s something magical about Sunrise Ranch. Beyond the breathtaking beauty that surrounds the valley at every turn, there’s an undeniable spark that creates an unparalleled experience during the first weekend of August. Sunrise Ranch is one of the oldest standing intentional communities in the United States, and the decades of love, support and communal growth have clearly contributed to the temporary experience known as ARISE Music Festival.

Something special happens when there’s a deliberate community effort to add to the event. As each attendee entered through the gates, the volunteers touched every participant with their infectious happiness and genuine desire to contribute to the festival. Cheerful hellos rippled throughout the campgrounds as freshly inspired neighbors lent a helping hand during set up. The butterfly effect was in full swing. As one good deed activated a wave of positivity, the vibes continued to elevate, triggering unexplainable occurrences that can only happen in such a magical place.

photo by Zena Ballas