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Los Angeles, California

Archi ‘s show is about being concious of the speed at which people live nowadays, human’s consumption habits, the disdain for our planet and the beings with whom we coexist. This message is transmitted with a very theatrical proposal with modern and explosive sounds, derived from pop / rock, combined with opera interventions heald by the opera singer Jime Soprano.
Archi has become a special condiment at the festivals in which they participate, sharing the stage with Jonaz (Plastilina Mosh), Lost Acapulco and Human Drama (USA) (Festival de Musica contra el Olvido 2018, UNAM); Aterciopelados, Benito Cerati (Festival Ciudad Emergente 2016), Flor Amargo (Amecafest 2017). Archi has been the opening band of Circuito Indio, an independant music cycle held in Mexico, organized in Pachuca by Mango Records (Jarabe de Palo, Camilo VII) among others.

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