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Animals Alive!™  is a childrens show based on the internationally treasured Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson.  The performance is based on the amazing Living Tarot series of traveling shows.  Using  archetypes of the Native American wisdom and mythology encoded within the Medicine Cards, Animals Alive! interacts with children by taking their questions and acting out the answers with amazing costumes crafted of wings and feathers , scales and tails, furry paws and wet noses.  Native American themed improvisational music by local musicians creates a soundscape for fun, learning, participation and play.  Highly interactive and amazingly poignant,  this gathering  invites children to look inside their heart, to connect with familiar and new friends, to explore new ideas and solutions for conflict and growing. Most children have similar questions and fears regarding their environment, family, friends, school and the world around them.  Our “Animals” play out the archetypes which bring to life the wisdom of nature, spirit, tribe, and family. The spiritual seeds sown during the Animals Alive! show tends to the curious and growing hearts of children at all ages.   Animals Alive! models and teaches through example the techniques for self awareness, calming anxiousness, recognizing deep feelings, safely expressing emotions and how to support and be a friend to others. Most importantly this show brings children together in a mutually supportive environment that helps them to recognize that they are not alone in their challenges.  This work is unlike anything else.  Come, roar, and purr, chirp and quack, bark and howl with the pack as David Rose (The Living Tarot) and a troupe of locally based performers co-create a forest and ocean of imaginative, engaging,  fun and learning.

David will be joined by extraordinary musicians Jalin Malin and Frederick Lewis and other performers as well… David Rose is an archetypal performer, musician and traveling, mystical troubadour of love and light. As Co-creator of the touring Living Tarot performance troupe he has performed in hundreds of shows in 12 states. He is currently touring his one man show of the Living Tarot in a 4 state, 4 month tour. His ability to channel the archetypes of any system make him a unique performer in a genre of improvisational ritual that harkens back to the times of tribal shamanism. This unique style of work is about opening to the energies of the cosmos, to the patterns of spirit and love. All Gods are welcome in his highly spiritual non religious performances. His show the Living Tarot answers audience members questions with the archetypes of the major arcana of theTarot. Using dance, costumes, props, psychodrama, ritual and improvisational music, the Living Tarot creates a unique healing environment where people are witnessed, supported, encouraged and emboldened to creating positive change in their lives. The audiences come together to support each other as David creates unique environments with sonic and physical landscapes for healing and ritually manifesting change. Truly unique inner-tainment.

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