Amplifying Love – Nikki Sunshine

Admin 2019 Wisdom Village

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Class Details:

Learn how to relate to one another in a way that leaves you both feeling seen, understood and supported in your partnership. Life and Couplehood over the long term is a continual ebb and flow. Rather than hoping to avoid conflict, learn how to navigate through challenges in your partnership with confidence and grace. Learn how to communicate using Caring Conversation Tools so that each partner feels nourished and cared for through your daily dialogue. Explore new ways of truly appreciating all those quirky characteristics that make up the uniqueness of your partner.

Rediscover the reasons you fell in love with this magnificent human being. Affirm the reasons that you choose this beautiful individual as your sacred mirror, teacher and student.

Leave this workshop feeling open-hearted, deeply connected & equipped with resources to sustain a healthy relationship.

Come, join us. Together, we will R I S E to the calling of True Love.


Hello friend, I’m Nikki Sunshine! I am a passionate Educator & Mentor in the areas of Intimacy, Love & Relationships. After losing my mom, my beloved partner and my circle of friends all in the same year, I became deeply determined to figure out what ingredients are necessary to create Strong, Fulfilling & Nourishing Relationships. This mission began three years ago and has lead me to my souls work today. I know that the quality of my relationships in my life have the power to create a nourishing infrastructure from which I can do anything my heart desires. Today, I help couples and individuals by teaching practical tools, empowering mindset shifts, and better practices for sustaining Intimate Relationships that support your highest growth & joy. I aid couples who feel stuck and frustrated in recreating a loving and safe basis for connection in their union. I help individuals to become empowered badasses in attracting the Partner of their Dreams. It is my absolute honor in joy to serve others in finding the deeply nourishing love that they deserve. You can learn more about working with me on an individual, couple or group basis on my website. Also, there’s tons of free juicy videos, podcast episodes and blog posts. Look around and have fun!