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AJEEB is an alternative rock band based in Lanzarote (Canary Islands), formed by Rafa Pacheco, Cucho Segura and Cristian Schulz by mid 2016.
They signed with the local label Lubjanka Records by the beginning of 2017 and, a few months later, recorded their first L.P. Toss and Turn, which has 8 tracks, at Lemmonsietecatorce studios. It was recorded by David Gil in Lanzarote (Spain) and mixed and mastered by Jaime Fernandez in Kostanz (Germany). AJEEB launched their single Duffer, which belongs to Toss and Turn, with two new tracks under Lubjanka Records in 2018.
Some months later, they launched a split along with the japanesse band D.O.G.S., edited by Lubjanka Records too. Each band provided two tracks, one of them being unreleased.
Since their debut in Teatro Aguere (Tenerife) by December 2017, the band has toured around the Canary Islands presenting Toss and Turn. They have done an European tour around Germany, Austria and Switzerland along with the band The Black Shoes (Germany) and Koji Tamura (singer of D.O.G.S.) and have played in international festivals such as Grito Rock 2018 (Cape Verde) and showcases such as BIME pro (Bilbao, Spain).
Sara GDM has recently replaced Cristian as the bass player of the band. AJEEB is closing dates for 2019 and working on their new L.P.

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