Acoustic Jukebox At the Sacred Fire – Amber Lily & Tubby Love

Admin 2019 Wisdom Village

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Class Details:
Community Circle

Join the celebration at the fire with Amber and Andrew as they wind down from their stage performances and settle in for a spell at the Wisdom Village Sacred Fire for a community sing along. Not just any sing along! Acoustic Jukebox is not a spectator sport… but an interactive song sharing that flows from one song and person to the next as Spirit weaves through our collective fold and puts the singing impulse on the hearts of a community gathered at the fire sharing medicine of the collective soul.

Featured Instructors:

Amber Lily ~
Since childhood, Amber Lily could be found humming in the garden.Both wildly inspired and heartbroken by the state of the world, her voice is her refuge. Her music is a call to reclaim health & wholeness, her voice a salve for personal & social wounds.

Andrew Tubby Love ~
Andrew’s physical, spiritual, and musical transformation has been a testimony to the power of human evolution. Music has been the catalyst for deepening his connection to life and also a bridge for sharing his journey with others.

Together ~

Calling the island of Kauai their home has set forth a Roots Family movement involving regenerative land and energy practices connecting communities inter-island and worldwide.

Throughout their travels Amber and Andrew bring music as medicine from the garden to the globe. Together they have performed alongside conscious artists such as Trevor Hall, Nahko & Medicine for the People, Dustin Thomas, Mike Love, Paul Izak, sharing a similar message of love and liberation.