Goddess Grove – Women’s Supportive Camping Space

The Goddess Grove offers a sanctuary solely for self-identified females. It is a place of solace, celebration, and playfulness that serves as your official camping ground, or a solid meeting point for groups and new friends.

Every morning at 10 am, the Grove will hold space for an ARISE Daily Women’s Group, led by Alexandra Grajeda and Jordan McCallum. We will gather for connection, networking, rejuvenation, and revitalization. This is an opportunity to drop in with your Arising sisters to reflect , support, and ground.

Alexandra and Jordan have been hosting the Goddess Grove for three years. They are very passionate about women’s healing, ritual, empowerment, and culture. Working together with the community, they are committed to providing a designated safe space for all self-identified females at Arise.

Allow the Goddess Grove to be your safe space for rest, rejuvenation, and the integration, as we celebrate and arise, together! Children are welcome.

Tilo Grajeda

Jordan McCallum

Ixeeya Lin