Sonic Bloom

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ARISE is thankful to be allied with fellow Coloradan music festival Sonic Bloom. The 4-day camping festival brings electronic music, dance, art, and human performance together in an atmosphere that inspires open channels of creativity for everyone involved! With some of the highest quality live electronic artists and most cutting-edge producers, Sonic Bloom is an incredibly intimate boutique festival experience… a unified field.

Telluride Yoga Festival

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ARISE is grateful to have The Telluride Yoga Festival, as an ally. The festival has been bringing the gift of yoga, in all of its many forms, to Telluride for a weekend filled with world-class instructors, philosophers, scholars, artists, and musicians, since 2007. The goal is to create an intimate and authentic weekend of workshops, classes, discussions, and gatherings that celebrates yoga. …

Northwest String Summit

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Northwest String Summit is the premier craft music festival of the Pacific Northwest, held annually at Horning’s Hideout in North Plains, Oregon. ARISE music festival is pleased to be allied with Northwest String Summit!

Gem & Jam Festival

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ARISE Festival is pleased to have Gem & Jam Festival as an Arise Festival Ally because Gem & Jam is not just a music festival. Gem & Jam sets the bar with workshops, dancers, visual performers, high-end art gallery installations coupled with cutting edge production and attention to every detail to ensure for an over the top experience.


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As a celebration dedicated to awakening our human potential, ARISE Music Festival is pleased to have Envision as a festival ally! Envision provides a platform for different cultures to co-exist in a sustainable community and inspire one another through art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, performance, education and a fundamental connection with nature. Envision is located i Costa Rica

JJ’s Cocomels

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JJ’s Cocomels are the perfect treat for any occasion. Not only are all Cocomels treats organic and vegan, but each package is 100% recyclable and each wrapper is backyard compostable. Whenever you need a bit of sweet in your life, or need a boost of energy, Cocomels are a great snack to reach for. We are extremely pleased to have …

Groove Medical Services

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A MESSAGE FROM THE ARISE FAMILY AND GROOVE MEDICAL SERVICE Below are a few helpful tips to keep you in the “Groove!”  BE HEALTHY Drink plenty of liquid. (If you feel thirsty, drink water). Get plenty of sleep/rest. Bring earplugs. You will sleep better for it. Eat healthy food and snacks (available from Tasty ARISE food vendors). Don’t overdo it …


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There is a sincere connection that is formed between the sender and receiver of any Bloomin seed paper product. The act of gardening—planting the seed paper, nurturing it, and enjoying its beautiful yield year after year—keeps your message alive and becomes its own gift. Making meaningful connections is invaluable. Bloomin seed paper makes it easy—stocked in 20 bright colors, each …

Eldorado Natural Spring Water

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Eldorado Artesian Springs, Inc. was founded in 1983 when the company became the owner of 28 acres of land, the artesian springs, eleven wells, water rights, a bottling plan, a warehouse, the resort pool and numerous other homes and buildings in Eldorado Springs, CO. Natural bottled waters like Eldorado are very special and have a more natural and regional flavor. Contact …

Boulder Weekly

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ARISE is proud to have Boulder Weekly as a Media Sponsor, a trusted ally, and an altruistic source of media. As Boulder County’s only independently owned newspaper, Boulder Weekly is dedicated to illuminating truth, advancing justice and protecting the First Amendment through ethical, no-holds-barred journalism and thought-provoking opinion writing. Free every Thursday since 1993, the Boulder Weekly also offers the county’s most …