Woven Dream Gate – Juulia Ilves

8/4/2017 11:15 AM
We invite you to make old to new by contributing to the large- scale loom that will create the gateway to the world of Solutions Village. Let’s come together and weave our dreams into a collective piece made from our own up-cycled materials! Bringing something old and tattered back to life is truly beautiful. In our culture we can be extremely wasteful throwing away things for convenience and not on a conscious level. We will touch these subjects thoughtfully for the beginning of this workshop/experience and then start weaving together scraps of fabric that would otherwise go to a landfill. Bring your open hearts, dreams, friends, markers are a plus and any colorful old cloth or material you would like to add to the communal piece. Examples: old clothes, old sheets, old table clothes, old curtains, old upholstery.