Uma Long, Song Circle


Uma Long is arriving to Arise Festival from a family of Traditional Ceremonies which began in the very beginning. Born and raised at home in Crestone, Colorado, she has been attending and singing in All Night Prayer Ceremonies, Sweat Lodges, Sundances, and Yuwipi Ceremonies for the entire range of her existence! Since birth (for fifteen years) she has lived in a unique merging of spiritual lineages, the small town of Crestone. Uma Long, daughter of Christopher and Andrea Long, Co-Founders of The Singing Stone is now traveling the world assisting in sharing healing medicine of sacred songs and ceremonies.

Workshop Name & Location: SONG CIRCLE

Saturday 12:00-1:20pm, Youth Temple 7th Generation Lodge
~All ages may join Uma in the 7th Generation Lodge at Wisdom Village as she shares sacred songs she has gathered over the years. She is happy and excited to teach you to sing and drum with her as she calls upon the Spirits of the bear, buffalo, and deer nation as well as to the Spirits of all directions!

WOMEN, meet Uma as she sings with her mother, Andrea Long in Wisdom Village’s Red Tent Saturday from 4-5pm , Women’s Ceremonial Songs in the Lakota language. Her presence of innocence and unconditional love is truly a gift. Make time in your busy schedule at Arise Festival to speak with Uma!