Tingari is an electronic music duo consisting of Joel Whittaker and Carisa Holmes.
Tingari music infuses traditions of ancient world music with a modern electronic spark, creating a bridge where old and new dance together.
With their music, Tingari creates a vivid, immersive soundtrack for others to have their own experience of the waking dream we call human life.
The members feel that music profoundly influences the mental and emotional state, and making music allows expression with a rhythmic, tonal language that speaks beyond words.
Tingari represents the twofold buy ambien overnight delivery rekindling of a passion for sound. Joel and Carisa have each chosen at times to step away from music to work in other fields, such as holistic wellness, didgeridoo making, sculptural/visual art, and sound design. They then integrated these skills with their music to create a deeper healing experience.
Drawing upon the frequencies of both the natural and digital worlds, Tingari music creates a diverse aural ecosystem that moves the body, mind and heart. The primal hum of the didgeridoo along with voice and flute combines with warm bass grooves and danceable beats, weaving a colorful emotional tapestry that takes on a life of its own.
Tingari music invites you to expand, dance, dream and be.