It’s difficult to describe the palpable electricity that floods into the venue when Casey Ottmann and Nate Brown join forces on stage to form their electronic project, Thunderthief. The soul soaring, bootyshaking, lightning bolts of euphoria the duo rain down concoct a savory feast for the senses, but the unique sonic space the duo brings its listeners into is a zone of spirit and sound that must be experienced for oneself to understand the raw power of its je ne sais quoi. The genre of Thunderthief’s music is equally tough to pin down, as the fellas paint a journey using all the colors of their collective influences, galloping across grassy plains of house, sailing on rolling seas of indie folk and emo, basking on tropical beaches of downtempo jungle jams, and even climbing peaks into storm clouds of progressive metal and jazz – presumably to steal more thunder to charitably dish out to music lovers everywhere.

2016 saw a relentless tempest of progression for Thunderthief that still shows no signs of letting up. Casey Ottmann brought drummer and long order ambien credit card time friend Nate Brown into the studio and onto the stage as a permanent partner in the project. The duo’s dynamic music design, driven by the ferocious live drumming of Brown and the groovy bass shredding of Ottmann, rained down a torrent of incendiary performances last year, honoring Thunderthief with awards for the Red Gorilla Music Featured Artist and the Vertex Music Championship Best in Class DJ/Producer. In October Thunderthief released Closer featuring DAVs, and the ethereally cadenced track reached #13 on iTunes Dance Charts on Ninety9Live.

Thunderthief’s bright and contagious perspective of the world is adeptly captured in all of Brown and Ottmann’s music, and they’re doing their best to share it with anyone with two ears and two dancing feet. This year brings the release of their new single and music video “Tear You Apart feat. JAE”, a second run of shows at Austin’s SXSW as well as sets at Electric Forest in Michigan, and a maelstrom of ruthlessly funky, bust-your-heart-open beats that make you want to seize the day and boogie down ’til sunrise. To find out just where all the thunder’s gone, keep your eyes and ears on Thunderthief as this formidable rhythm section rides their cloud and continues their course for taller heights.