Sphie, singer, songwriter, and yogini, is motivated by a deep compassion for all humanity. She invests her time in empowering the world through music, movement, mindfulness, love and peace. She intertwines an eclectic blend of soul, indie, and pop mixed with operatic undertones. In inspiration of her earliest musical influences, she went on a quest to discover her true voice. During this period she became immersed in studying opera, musical theater and classical piano. In her early adult life, she continued studies in Vocal Performance and Music Business at McNally-Smith College of Music in the Twin Cities.

In 2007, to better understand her true connection to life, Sphie sold most of her possessions and set off across the United States on an unstructured journey of the soul. In this quest she became engrossed in many different communities and found herself among many diverse humans and landscapes. It was then that she also discovered and became personally inspired through yoga. She soon moved to teaching yoga and discovered new inspiration through creativity and singing.

In spring of 2012, Sphie landed in Los Angeles to record her first full-length CD, “Listen to Pretty Music and Let Your Soul Shine.” Soon to follow was a solo ambien quality of sleep release titled, “Re:Revolution,” as well as two music video projects to accompany the recordings.

Sphie’s connection to the natural world became a great inspiration for both her songwriting and investment in utilizing sound as a healing tool—the Earth became her Muse. In the summer of 2012, she began writing songs for a second full length CD, “Love is the Answer.” The songs reflect her escapades in Northern Montana. With no running water and no electricity, Sphie spent a summer writing in a one-room cabin near the Canadian Border.

After a near-death experience in the summer of 2013, Sphie found new inspiration through both trauma and pain. In recognizing pain as a tool for transformation, she utilized this challenge as a means for recognizing new territory for creating and serving the world.

Out of this experience came two projects. One, a collaborative hip-hop project titled “Synergy in Exile,” and the second, a five-track electro-soul album titled, “Limitless Extraordinaire.” Accompanying “Limitless Extraordinaire” was a music video project for the single, “Breathe.” Both projects express social justice and equality through self-empowerment and inner wisdom. They reflect both the socio-economic burden often accumulated through hardship and the determination associated with transforming this hardship into beauty and abundance.

Sphie, when not singing, writing, and performing, can be found in various communities worldwide connecting with people through yoga, meditation, dance, and the limitless experience of the human soul.