SoundProof Genie

SoundProof Genie is an exciting fusion of soul, psychedelic funk, hip hop, and emotively captivating lyrics. The band features all-stars from the D.C. area including Raynita J (Apollo, SoundStage) on vocals, P.Script (Carter Barron, Twins) on keyboard and bass, and Bala (Carter Barron) on drums and Jali D (Apollo, Fat Baby) on percussion. They’ve buy ambien uk spent the past year promoting the latest CD release Remote Control, and being well received at gigs along the East Coast from New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC and Virginia.

The band is supported by two full albums:
Evidence of Life
Remote Control

Featuring powerful introspective soulful lyrics, music and vocals, SoundProof Genie is attempting to lace the best of various genres to reach a wide audience looking for a unique vibe.

SoundProof Genie endeavors to be recognized for quality songwriting and performance appreciated by a wide audience.