Solunar Acro Camp

About the Space

The camp will be a space for people to participate in acroyoga through classes, informal jams and observation. It will be a place for the acroyoga community to meet and to introduce new people to experience acroyoga for the first time. It is run through a tight knit group of people who wanted to see a dedicated space for acroyoga at Arise. We have no business ties or affiliations. This is our second time participating as a theme camp at Arise. This is the only festival we bring our theme camp to. Are hearts are with Arise 😉

We have continued to improve upon our camp from last year. Specifically, we will have a second smaller dome this year where the cuddle puddle space will be a dreamy wonderland to relax in. We have also improved upon the design of the larger dome to make it look more magical and unique than last year. Lastly, we included more beginner acroyoga classes this year so that more people from the festival will be able to try acro for the first time. We have purchased a number of puzzle mats to be able to hold classes outside of the dome and thus be able to accommodate more people in our classes. We continue to strive to be one of the most inviting and impactful Arise theme camps.

We have been working on our camp since January this year. We have invested so much already, and a number of people on our team, can’t afford to take time off of work and pay for the Arise tickets. We rely on these people. Our camp requires significant woman/man power to set up and take down our structures and also to teach the classes we offer. We would also like to emphasize that we are working with longevity in mind. We are hoping that this will be a theme camp that we can bring back year after year because we aspire to share and grow the community of strong valued, supportive, and outright loving individuals that has become the hallmark of acroyoga all over the nation. We truly feel that our camp will be an outstanding addition to Arise for years to come.

We are asking for 7 free tickets for Arise Theme camp for the core group organizers, 8 half off tickets, as well as 7 free parking passes with early bird access. We also request one of those parking passes have re-entry privileges. We have formulated this request of what we believe is a fair compensation based on a the list of itemized expenses that we have faced as we move forward with the project.

Number of free tickets we need = 7 for the main core people that have poured many hours into this project

– Kasey Topp, and Matt Jeffers organizers of the Solunar camp- Lead all group meetings and help to ensure all aspects of the structure and project is finished with professionalism and to completion, teaching acroyoga class

– Sam Sokol- Lending us his geodesic dome and supervising safe set up and take down of the dome structure

– Taylor Kane- Part of Take down crew, Fundraising and Outreach Rep, helping teach acroyoga class

– Arthur Mourdant- Kitchen Coordinator, Part of set up and Take down crew

– Shelby Joy- Interior dome design, kitchen helper and photographer who manages fb site

– Jessa Artemis- Builder of 2nd smaller dome, exterior design and cuddle puddle

Number of Discounted tickets we need= 8 for people that have helped on a more limited basis

– Brent Risting- Helped build string art, will help set up and take down the dome, and with kitchen responsibilities

– Amy Saunders- Fundraising team, Part of Set up crew and teaching acroyoga classes

– Kaz Teope- Fundraising team, Part of Set up crew and teaching acroyoga classes

– Stephen Groendyk- Take down crew, and teaching acroyoga class

– Garrett Dewey- Set up crew, and teaching acroyoga class

– Adam Wheeler- Part of Set up and take down crew, kitchen helper

– Robyn Baumgarter- Teaching acroyoga workshop, kitchen helper

– Darren Ceckanowicz- Teaching acroyoga workshop, kitchen helper

Financial Cost of this project: $1100

– Sam Sokol charges $200 to rent the dome (or equivalent of $200- he said he would take a free ticket instead.)

– Silver triangle Art $300 for exterior dome design- ($200 silver material, $100 silver tape and gromets) screws; this will be in addition to string art from last year.

– Puzzle Mats (20′ x 20′) $200

– Fabric/pillows for interior design $50

– Signs/Dome Entrance materials $100

– Truck rental $200

– LED lights $50

– Carpet (new, valued at $1000:) for dome floor was donated to us $0

This is what we can bring (aka our offer) to Arise:

Acroyoga is a tight knit community, and we are some of the main players that have the ability mobilize a large group of acroyoga people to come to Arise.

– We have direct access to 1,128 people on the facebook page for Denver Acro Yoga- Flight club and 1,338 people on the facebook page Boulder Denver Acro Yoga, and we can post on here about Arise and the theme camp that we will be hosting to help market for Arise Music Festival

– We will make announcements at acroyoga classes and jams to more directly market Arise Music Festival

– We will have a well-put together theme camp including an artistically decorated large geodesic dome

– We will also bring a variety of acroyoga classes where festival goers will be offered an opportunity to try something they most likely have never done before

Please take a look at our application as well as a promo video and some photos from the work we’ve put into designing and building this camp. We have a facebook page for our Solunar camp as well.


Solunar Acro Camp is a dedicated space for people to learn acroyoga through classes, informal jams and observation. It was created because we wanted to give something beautiful, a genuine heartfelt experience, to all our fellow music and yoga lovers. It is about creating an atmosphere that fosters connection, trust and good communication skills. We are striving to get people to truly play with one another. Laughter and deep connection are main parts of this practice.

The community behind the camp, the acro yoga family, is a group of loving, mindful, inspiring individuals that support each others growth and encourage each other to try new things, and push self-made limits.

We believe in what acro yoga has to offer to the mind, body, and spirit. We would love to share these gifts with the Arise community.